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waiting for you to rescue me from this place

i dont know where to start. i havent written written in a long time. ive been in pinetop and its been completely boring. ive done nothing at all. i havent been talking to anyone really besides andrea becuase the other person i used to talk to..doesnt seem to want to chat much anymore i guess he has no more interest even as friends. thats alright it dosent matter. i miss everyone, well arielle especially cuz she always talked to me about everything but even she has a guy! haha well..sort of. i wish i could write, like well. poetry. that would be really cool maybe i will try!

 im lonely, im waiting for you to come

i wait around for you when you have no interest at all

i shouldnt have expected you to in the first place, i knew you wouldnt

you have someone else, someone you care about

i should give you up, there is no point to this

its no longer a seceret even though no one knows  how i feel but me

i wont be rejeted i cant be, i wont be

but its not like you even know, you dont know how i feel

but do you care? there is a question worth asking

id tell you how i feel, but is there a point?

letting this play by ear? it just dosent work that way

all im asking is for you to give me a chance, but im not expecting you to


not a poem just how i feel. if u dont like it...oh well u can tell me i wont care. but yeah. anyways i go home on thursday. cheer on friday and leaving 4 camp on saturday. its going to be amazing but sad at the same time i know i will miss arielle holland alex briana and kari. oh well theres nothing i can do. i want to go back to school but i dont at the same time. not becuase of the work i just dont know its going to be a different year. im gonna miss a lot of people.

wednesday im babysitting bt's little sisters. im excited i love them. im gonna go get the ashlee simpson cd tomorrow, i love her by the way. i should listen to avril. all about how guys suck. its great! i wish we had more guys at school that would be good. more selection! i want to see napolean dynamite i know people who are seeing it right now and ill talk to them and see how it is. go see anchorman if u havent by the way, hilarious.

im gonna go do something, maybe a chat room, thas what i do when im bored haha talk to you all later.

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