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Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then - post this in your journal and see what people remember of you

i am so incredibly bored. i would be studying..except 1. i dont care and 2. someone has my physics tests! well yeah, today i had 1 final, english. i was basically screwed becuase i forgot my vocab at home last night so i didnt study then either, its just been a bad week for that sort of thing.also i bull craped my whole essay. however the last time i did that i got you never know with mahoney. i got a 96 on my history final and a 75 on my math final..whoops! waht are you going to do! then i went to look at a house with my parents. we might be moving but i higly doubt it. after that we went to the mall and i got clothes..because my mom and i had nothing else to do. i saw ashlyn and alex n. there cheer girls! ahh im gonna miss this years squad so much! makes me want to cry!! anyways...yeah ashlyn got my shirt that stupid 12 year old! haha just kiding we match all the time anyways so why not match more often. then we picked up my sis at school she had some freshman pizza party. while at school i dropped off a deposit for australia/fiji trip. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT 18 days at the beach..ohh so much fun!!! anyways, yeah i forgot waht i was going to say. i was just listening to my new cd' found glory and i love them!! but i listened to both of them through and now im watching coyote ugly..i love this movie. i want to watch a knights tale. i think i will rent that some time soon. i watched the basketball highlight video today and the san fran video. it made me so mad they didnt have ONE picture from that in the yearbook!! it was the best trip and not one picture..geez. yesterday jenny christina and i went to oreganos after our finals. i had math and bible yesterday..they sucked. anyways we had pizza..soooo good and PIZOOKIES oh they were amazingly good. this summer is going to be so much fun with those girs..they are so fun! haha. yeah then i came home and daniel and nick decided they wanted to come over so we went swimming...i realized i cant do a flip off the diving board. i can do a back handspring but i cant do a flip off the diving board HOLY COW i almost lost this whole thing..thank goodness i didnt. yeah we swam for a bit then they left. after that i did noting.. i went to bed at 830 yeah i know, early. anyways im going to miss everyone this summer. my birthday is month and 2 days, i think. anyways yeah heres some lyrics from the funniest song ever..its called "fat and proud" by Steriogram

Some people may be saying that I’m overweight
But I think that my big body is looking great
I used to diet and diet, it don’t change a thing
Everyone must accept that I won’t be thin
Well it’s the way I wanna be
Cause I’m someone that everybody can see
Well I always stand out in a crowd
I’m the heaviest boy you’ve seen around

Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and this is how the big boys sound
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and I’m sure you’ve seen my butt around
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and the heaviest boy you’ve found
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and this is how the big boys sound

Im like the ozone hover over your home…

I would hate to be one of those skinny runts
You can’t eat off your stomach or finish your lunch
Well you got no rhythm; well you got no groove
Well you got no blubber that you can move
Well your bones stick out and your nose sticks out
There are fourteen ribs on your cage that I can count
People always saying: “You don’t eat enough”
But I’d snap you in half I gave you a hug

Well it doesn’t really bug me much
Cause I know that there’s a lot of me that you can touch
Well the bigger the man is the bigger the tan
Kickin it at the beach, lying on the sand

For all you car boys working on your suspension
Paying all that money for the up and down attention
Just  to put me in and take me out
Trust me you’ll get that look from everyone about
As you see, I love my size
I just wish you could see me through my eyes
Then you’d realise that I hold the prize
For the biggest man you’ve seen alive

hilarious huh?? yeah i think so too! ill post later

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