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this day sucks

this it started out pretty dece..104 on my spanish final. then i FAILED physics. thats where it began. after jenny christina and i went to in n n n out burger. then they came over and we swam then i went to jennys. we hung out..shot some bows&arrows and got ready 4 graduation. graduation is so sad i hate it. im gonna miss everyone so much and i cant stand it! and the worst person in the WORLD was there which made it 100million times worse. i just wanted to cry when i saw her..uhhh yuck. its not fair, its just not fair. then i find out that 6 poeple from my grade have been expelled. i dont know what im goign to do without 3 of them. i am so sad and i cant belive it. people suck..they just suck.if ur gonna do something like that why would u talk about it..seriously. anways im just not in a gread mood and im really sad. the year is over and next year is going to suck..and thats just gonna go to bed and cry becuase i miss price already.

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