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ahhh summer how i love thee!! im DONE with summer school thank god!! hah yeah so thats over with im going to CALI! on thruday. so i have cheer tomorrow. im basically screwed cuz i didnt stretch. whoops. even tho ans called me to tell me to. i didnt. so ive been doing absolutely nothing lately. my computer is totally screwed up so im on my moms right now. yeah so the only things ive done, are gone to dinner witg nick and rented a movie withg jenny. thats IT. i want to go to waterworld. that sounds fun. ill write more later, if the computer lets me! and if anyone wants to do sopmethihng. u can always call. im free, all the time hahaha lata


oh p.s i got some saweet sunglasses today they are so pimp =)

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